Cryptocurrencies are among the best performing assets of 2020, making it an attractive investment option, even for those who have never owned the cryptocurrency in their life. As more people look for ways to diversify their portfolio, the demand for easy access to digital assets is on the rise. However, the number of platforms that offers a user-friendly, secure and reliable option to acquire cryptocurrencies are just a handful.

In such times, the UK based Vertex Market is one platform that has gained prominence by providing a revolutionary Peer-to-Peer cryptocurrency exchange service that is quite different from its peers. A relatively new platform, Vertex Market went live earlier this year and has since then achieved a significant growth (500% month-on-month growth in August 2020).

What Makes Vertex Market So Special?

Vertex Capital, a private investment company in the Middle East with extensive experience in OTC trading is the parent company of Vertex Market. The technology-savvy asset company, with an in-depth understanding of financial and blockchain space, has designed Vertex Market to cater to a wide range of audiences from 200 countries, enabling them to acquire crypto assets with fiat currencies.

Variety of Payment Options

Backed by serious investors, Vertex Market ensures a seamless, cost-effective and secure crypto trading experience by offering flexible and transparent payment options. Currently, users on the platform can purchase Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, USDT and USDC through a variety of payment options including Credit and Debit Cards, PayPal, SEPA, Wire Transfer, Skrill, Google Pay and a host of other ewallet services. The platform also supports crypto-to-crypto purchases.

Simple Sign Up

Vertex Market doesn’t insist on completing KYC requirements for users unless the trading volumes are significantly high. However, it is advisable to pass the KYC requirements as some traders may insist on dealing only with KYC verified accounts.

Cashback of $10 for every trade for both traders

For exceptional 3 months, every verified user can get $10 for each purchase or sell order. Vertex has already paid out more than $20,000 in Cashbacks and keeps paying out more as they allocated the budget, initially planned for paid advertising for cashbacks and rather give it back to the users for bringing in new users then spending it on some banners.

Minimal Risk, Additional Security

One of the major concerns when it comes to purchasing cryptocurrencies with fiat, is the risk of fraud. Vertex Market mitigates the risk by implementing a streamlined crypto acquisition process, along with stringent KYC requirements for traders and FCA regulated protection provided by Coincover. By doing so, the platform ensures that the users’ interests are always protected. Soon, Vertex Market users will also get scam insurance coverage against potential P2P trading frauds by new traders. Vertex is the first platform to offer that


The platform charges 0.5% as transaction fees for each order, which is among the lowest in the industry. In addition, Vertex Market also has an ongoing cashback program for new users where they can get a $10 cashback on each trade for the first three months of opening an account.

The phenomenal growth achieved by Vertex Market in a short span of time stands as proof for the platform’s potential to offer a user-friendly P2P crypto exchange solution where anyone can buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly without involving intermediaries. While Vertex Market is a global crypto marketplace, most of the transactions are currently concentrated in Europe with evidence of adoption gradually picking up in other countries. Based on the current trend, it could soon turn out to be a highly advanced alternative to platforms like LocalBitcoins in no time.

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